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Tips for buying in an area you don't know

The journey of buying a home often begins in an unfamiliar location. This could come about if you are constrained by budget, moving to a new area for a job, trying to stay close to family or any number of other reasons.

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How to buy a home when you have one to sell

The hardest time to buy a home is when you already own one. Financially, you need to sell your home to buy the next one, but the person you are buying off doesn't want to be tied down waiting for your home to sell in case things don't work out.

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How to avoid losing money when buying a home

For most of us, buying a home is the biggest purchase you will ever make in your life, by a long way. Because the average family only moves every 7-10 years, it is hard to become an expert in something you simply don't do very often.

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How to sell a rental property

Investing in property is a proven way to build and store long-term wealth. But there may come a time when the money you have tied up in that rental property could be used for better things. I have helped many clients through this exact situation and their reasons for selling a rental property vary.

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Does your kitchen need a makeover?

One of the first questions we get asked by owners who are thinking of selling is: Do we need to renovate before we sell? Smart owners realise that presentation has a big impact on the final sale price and are keen to maximise the result.

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Five questions to ask before you make an offer

When it comes to buying a home, one of the most exciting points in the process is when you realise you are going to make an offer. Suddenly your heart rate rises and you switch into action mode. Ready to do whatever is necessary to make the property yours.

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October Kids Activity Book

Discover fun and interesting activities inside to keep kids entertained at home. DIY featuring Halloween, easy peasy recipes for little hands to help, and fold your own origami Whales. The Whales highlight our partnership with Whale Tales Auckland 2022 & WWF NZ

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How to read a building inspection report

When buying a home, coming to an agreement with the owners on price is just the first hurdle. The second, and often biggest barrier to progress is the builder's report. The 'builder's report' is an inspection, usually commissioned by the buyer ...

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Tips for downsizing your home

Our home holds a special place in our hearts. Especially if it's where our kids have grown up or where we have experienced many of life's milestones. We become connected to our space in far more than just a physical sense. Our home is where we feel safe to be ourselves ...

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Selling a home with unconsented improvements? Here's what you need to know

Lots of houses sell with unconsented changes. It's more common than you might think. The key to a successful transaction is to be upfront with all the relevant information right from the start.

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How to use online valuations - tips for sellers

Online valuation websites have been a game-changer for real estate, providing buyers and homeowners with easy access to quality information that can help them make informed real estate decisions.

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Should you trust online property valuations?

Many are turning to online property valuations as a guide on pricing. While these reports often contain useful information it is important not to consider them as a definitive guide, but rather just one piece of the fair-market value puzzle.

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Should you keep your first home as an investment property?

One of the questions potential first-time sellers face is whether to their existing property as a rental when they move up to a bigger home. In this guide, we'll talk through the pros and cons to consider.

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Kids Activity Book

Harcourts to the rescue! Kids Activities Lockdown? Rainy day? Sick day? No matter the reason, a day or few inside and away from your normal routine can at times be a little challenging. Here are a few recipes and activities to keep kids of all ages occupied, entertained and engaged! Enjoy

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